Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I choose "Jumpin' Jim's, LLC" to entertain at my next party?
A. We are a family owned & operated small business. We live & work in the community that we serve and take pride in providing our customers with efficient & friendly service at reasonable price.

Q. Why wouldn't I just buy an inflatable of my own?
A. Jumpin' Jim's,LLC provides it's customers with a commercial size inflatable. It is remarkably larger than something you would buy from a toy store or wholesale club. Additionally, it allows more than just a few children to jump at one time, as well as providing space for a safe and protected experience for your children.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, We take the safety of the children we serve very seriously. Certainly your homeowners insurance will cover you; however, this is additional liability coverage for both commercial & residential areas provided by us for your additional security. Refer to the online waiver liability form for more specific questions.

Q. How much room in needed for the set-up of an inflatable?
A. Inflatables require an area of 20 feet by 20 feet, and they also need a height clearance of 20 feet. All products offered by Jumpin' Jim's, LLC require a level surface, clear of debris. Grass, pavement, or concrete surfaces can all be used.

Q. What do I need as a customer of Jumpin' Jim's, LLC?
A. A standard 110vac 20 amp household outlet up to 100 feet away from where the inflatable will be positioned. Inflatables use less than .20 cents of electricity per hour. A generator can be provided to you for an additional cost if your event is being planned in an area where no electricity is readily available. This may include, but is not limited to parks, daycare areas, or parking lots.

Q. What is your payment policy, or deposit requirements?
A. We ask for a $50.00 deposit at the time of your reservation. This fee is deducted from your total due at the time of payment. Full payment is expected at the time of set-up of the inflatable. Cash, checks, or money orders are acceptable forms of payment.

Q. Are inflatables safe?
A. Absolutely! The inflatables provided by Jumpin' Jim's, LLC has the very latest in safety equipment. Each inflatable has a safety step to ease the entrance and exit for children of all sizes, and a safety shade screen can be found at the top of each open top inflatable. The inflatable itself is a soft cushion of air surrounded by safety netting. This netting contains the bouncers as well as provides easy viewing for the supervising adult(s).

Q. Are inflatables a health risk?
A. There is no concern for the transfer of germs from party to party. Each inflatable is meticulously cleaned, and vented after each event. Healthily children are happy children, and we strive to incorporate a completely enjoyable experience.

Q. Is an attendant needed for my party?
A. All parties do not require an attendant. We recommend that all events be monitored by a responsible adult to ensure that all rules of the inflatable are followed. An attendant can be provided for an additional cost. This is an added feature for larger parties, or simply for those people who wish to enjoy a worry free event that they spent so much time planning.

Q. What happens if it rains?
A. Since none of us can control mother nature, keep in mind that a party can be booked for a specific date & as long as the inflatable is NOT on site, your deposit is refundable. Rain dates may be set, only after the date of cancellation and ONLY IF there is no previous reservation for your date and time.

Q. What age children use your products?
A. Children of all ages can receive full enjoyment of the inflatables. As a guide we recommend the following: children under the age of 8, no more than 8 children can bounce at one time. Ages 9-12, no more than 6 children at one time. Over the age of 12 should not bounce more than 4-5 children at one time. All children should be equally sized while engaging in the inflatable. A responsible adult/ or Jumpin' Jim's, LLC attendant should be present at all times to ensure the safety rules. At no time should children of any age be left unattended.

Q. Where can I download a copy of the Release of Liability Form?
A. Right here: Release of Liability Form.

Q. Where can I download a copy of the Rental Agreement Form?
A. Right here: Rental Agreement Form
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (201) 739-4446

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